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The Laura Lynn Band continues on in 2009 with it's reputation as one of the top Toronto wedding bands and well-know corporate event entertainers due to it's amazing versatility, professionalism and superior musicianship.

  • Song Styles
    The Laura Lynn Band is constantly updating our repertoire with new material on a monthly basis. From jazz to rock, disco to opera, hip hop...you name it. If we don't have it, tell us, we'll learn it for you. That's what makes the Laura Lynn Band so unique...it's depth of songs. We work hard at staying fresh and it shows, in the faces of our band members as well.
  • Pro Sound
    The last thing anybody wants is a bunch of guys bringing in their equipment in the middle of your wedding or event. That is why we prefer "early setups" by our trained sound equipment teams. As musicians, we try to stay out of the business of sound management and reinforcement. It's much better to have a trained sound engineer at your event who can constantly monitor the sound levels...not only for the event audience....but also for the musicians so you don't have "sound fatigue" where it keeps getting louder...and louder throughout the night.
  • Professional Studio Musicians
    The Laura Lynn Band prides itself on the highest level of musicianship. Our members are all trained and very experienced players/singers that also are elite studio musicians for albums, theatre show orchestra pits like Queen - We Will Rock You, The Lion King to name but just a few. All our band members were hand-picked for their musical skills as well as their pleasant personalities.
  • Showmanship
    Our band love s putting on a show. Laura has sung in Mandarin, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese...and french. If you have a theme, let's hear it! In 2008 we were asked to host a "School of Rock" theme for a corporate event which took place over 3 days. We were assigned the task to teach teams of employees one rock song with which they could compete against the songs of the other teams...despite the fact that most had never played a musical instrument before. What a blast that was! You can see some of the pictures on the "photos" page.
  • Vocalists
    Our band includes various other singers as well. We have two male singers to mix things up. Our drummer Daniel sings fantastic Ray Charles as well as some excellent hip hop and rap on songs such as the Black Eyed Peas. Our guitarist Bob can handle anything from the Stones, Tragically Hip to Michael Bublé.
  • CD Demos
    We currently have two demo CD's for you to enjoy that showcases the various styles and sample song choices.
  • Client Relationship
    Laura love s to give to her clients and it shows on our "referrals" page. If you need her to go over some details regarding your event...songlists, timing, set lists, ceremony music, adding a string quartet for cocktails, having a bagpiper play for your outdoor party or simply to share her wealth of experience, Laura is more than happy to personally spend the time with you.

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